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Headstrong and Temperamental
24 December 2020 @ 01:37 pm


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Headstrong and Temperamental
14 May 2014 @ 09:04 am
Person of Interest these days is amazing.

I know some miss the more insular days of seasons 1 and 2, but my god, I am fucking loving these changes.

This is what the "Terminator" series should have become after the second movie.
Headstrong and Temperamental
10 May 2014 @ 06:34 pm
...that I have learned in London.

When bringing food or coffee away from a restaurant/coffee shop, Americans will say that they want that "To Go." Here, they say they want it for "Take Away." Also, Americans will say "Take Out" when they mean to pick something up from a restaurant, and "Delivery" when they want food delivered to their house. Here, "Take Away" can mean both, though "for delivery" is more specific. Also, they drink a shit ton of coffee/espresso here, though usually not with their meals. Then, they'll drink tea. They also use a lot more shitty tea-in-tea-bags than I was expecting.

When Americans like something, they will typically say, "That's really good." Here, I more typically hear, "That's very nice."

For the more medically inclined, when Americans get blood tests, people in the hospital will refer to the results as their "labs." Here, they'll say their "bloods." Americans will say that they are going to "draw blood," but here, they will say that they're going to "bleed" you. Americans will "place IVs;" but here, they will "cannulate" you. Americans will refer to a patient's "CBC" (complete blood count) and "chem 7" or "BMP" (basic metabolic profile) or "CMP" (comprehensive metabolic profile). Here, they will say "FBC" (full blood count) and "U & E" (urea and electrolytes).

British people here are just as fat as Americans. But the British people (at least in London) dress better--unless you're an American from New York or Miami, etc. Then you're pretty much even. They really like to wear tights, leggings, and skinny jeans over here; I have never seen flares or boot-cut on a local. Even the guys wear skinny or straight jeans. The only place I have seen anything comparable for guys is in Miami.

When it comes to national monuments, Americans will be all over them and the space around them like it's their own backyard, like they own the place, picnicking and playing Frisbee, etc. (At least in Washington D.C.) That doesn't happen here--not that I've seen anyway.

(ETA: They have AMAZING cheese over here. And their "cheap" cheese is our gourmet cheese--and it's still cheaper than that plastic, processed, cheese "singles" shit we get. Their beef is okay, but not as good as it is in Texas. Bread is comparable, too--there are good kinds and bad kinds and wtf kinds. They have NO VEGETABLES over here. Okay, that's not true, but the variety is very limited--at least to my eyes. And it all smells like cardboard. Produce is much better in, at least, southern US.

In the US, after you're a medical student, your first year as a doctor is as an "intern" or a "resident." You're only an intern for your first year, but you're a resident for the rest of your education. Here, they are called "FY1s" or "house officers." Eventually, you will become a "fellow" in the US, and here, you will be a "registrar." When you're finally the top dog, in the US you are an "attending." Here, you are a "consultant." Also! All doctors in the US are referred to as "Dr. (whatever)." Here, medical doctors are "doctor," as are first years and house officers, but surgeons who have reached registrar and consultant level are once again referred to as "Mr." and "Ms/Miss/Mrs." And they will get mad if you call them doctor, because that is being disrespectful of their achieved rank! AHAHAHAHA THIS WAS PAINFUL FOR ME TO LEARN.

OH MY GOD, to the American students, our fellow British students and doctors seem to ALWAYS be on break. We do rounds, then go on a coffee break! For an hour! Then we ALSO get lunch time. And then a break in the afternoon! And first year residents have around 6 "zero" days (i.e. days off) every three months. At first, I was taken aback by all this "wasted" time, and everything felt really inefficient to me, but it's actually pretty nice. It's reasonable. (I overheard a British doctor complaining about all the breaks they take in France, how nothing gets done. Ahahaha, that was my initial reaction here, not gonna lie.) Meanwhile, in the US, medical students work 12 hour days, have 30 hour calls (where you can't go home) every 3 days, have to shove granola bars in their pockets because there is no time to eat, and we had to pass a law (that many institutions don't follow) that residents are only allowed to work 80 hour weeks. This was to prevent residents from working 120+ hour weeks. Yep.

American signs to leave a building always say "Exit." UK signs say "Way Out." Unless they're emergency exit signs, in which case they'll say "Exit." For some reason.

Everything closes at 5pm here, except maybe a few grocery stores. You do your shopping during break or lunch time, or you do it on Saturday. Shopping on Saturdays is PURE CLAUSTROPHOBIC MADNESS. Sundays have really short business hours, too. I'm not sure why. In the US, most stores are open till anywhere between 9pm to 10:30 pm, and many grocery stores are open till 11:30pm. This is probably because we tend to go shopping on the way home from work--and many people find it reasonable to live as far as a 1-2 hour drive away from their jobs in the city. This distance usually has to do with raising children in the suburbs or rural areas where there are better public schools. Weekend shopping feels a bit more recreational.)

...I'm sure there are other things, but I gotta go back to studying now. :D

Oh, one more thing. What is a "flapjack?" To me, that's an old word for a pancake, that thing you eat at breakfast and slather with butter and syrup. I see these little cookie-like things that are called "flapjacks" here, and I haven't quite figured out what they actually are. ETA2: Ah, okay, I just looked it up. They are granola bars! I was all wondering if they were dry and hard little pancakes, ewww. LOL
Headstrong and Temperamental
09 May 2014 @ 06:53 pm
I'm studying for Step 2 CK right now. And it's just one of those days--I feel like the stupidest medical student in the world. 3 weeks to go.
Headstrong and Temperamental
01 May 2011 @ 10:34 pm
Man, I'm fighting off the worst case of writer's block, but hopefully this turned out okay...

title. Counting The Days
pairing. pre-Sam/Dean? Maybe? I meant this as gen, but on the reread, it has wincesty undertones. *headdesk*
rating. PG-13
word count. ~1400
note. Written for errant_jane's prompt of "I got tired of waiting" in silverbullets.
summary. This is how the story goes: The world was overrun by the Croatoan virus, Sam said 'yes' to Lucifer, and Dean hasn't talked to his brother in five years. One of these things is not like the others.

Counting The DaysCollapse )
Headstrong and Temperamental
05 February 2011 @ 09:35 am

...okay, okay. Moving on. For now.

title. the custom of fell deeds
pairing. Sam/Dean
rating. NC-17
word count. 4700
note. Written for cordelia_gray’s prompt of “bite me” in salt_burn_porn. Not really a PWP, though.
summary. After Dean made his deal, Sam opened the gates of Hell, and he fell into its depths to get Dean out. Together, they survive.
warnings. Extreme violence. Possible dub-con. Vague mention of non-con.


the custom of fell deedsCollapse )
Headstrong and Temperamental
17 November 2010 @ 05:30 pm
...because I like to have all of my stuff in the same place.

title. close enough to share breath
rating. pg-13
pairing. sam/dean
word count. 630
notes. written for wanttobeatree's how the Winchesters got their groove back commentfic meme, more specifically for the prompt, "Crowley tells them where to go to get Sam's soul back but Sam's isn't the only soul there." And because I think Sam being resouled is going to be messy and epic. Hee.

close enough to share breathCollapse )

Headstrong and Temperamental
14 October 2010 @ 01:20 am
title. Wailing Like a Cat in Heat
rating. NC-17
pairing. Sam/Dean
word count. ~1300 words
warnings/enticements. A little bit of pain-play, a little bit of bondage. Mostly the boys goofing off and being stupid together.
notes. Written for riyku's prompt keep it quiet for salt_burn_porn. Set in season six, but no spoilers.

Headstrong and Temperamental
Oh my fucking god, I've pretty much been writing for the last six hours straight. The fic below was written for kelleigh's prompt in the salt_burn_porn community, that prompt being "losing the bet". (A 24-hour challenge, please note. Beta-ing, it is nonexistent.)

title. Don't Gamble (What You Can't Afford to Lose)
pairing. Sam/Dean
rating. NC-17
word count. 12,000 words
status. completed
warnings. High-school fic, kissing for Sam at thirteen years old, underage sex at fifteen years old.

Don't Gamble (What You Can't Afford to Lose)Collapse )